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the paranormal φeer group is a queer collective for sound/space-based performances, music theater, and transdisciplinary discourse. The three members Jakob Boeckh & Maria Huber & Eloain Lovis Hübner met during their joint studies at the Giessen Institute of Applied Theater Studies and have been working together as an artistic-scientific collective since 2019, meanwhile with working centers in Hamburg and Berlin. They understand both artistic creation and theoretical discourse as inseparably interwoven strategies with political, queer and utopian aspirations. They appear as a duo, trio, and in various constellations with collaborators such as composer/performer Neo Hülcker, scenographer Tassilo Tesche, philosopher Armen Avanessian, performer/scenographer Nathalie Schatz, performer Amélie Haller, performer/choreographer Johannes Schropp, performer AUЯA, and more. Since the beginning of 2022, the eccentric entrepreneur Bettina Wehmut (Paris, Tokyo, Rome, New York, etc.) publicly appears as a patron of the collective. At the same time, the cheeky but hugely popular hand puppet Alphonsius Zwackelmann became part of the extended group as a permanent guest performer.

Jakob & Maria & Eloain’s joint work incorporates experiences, perspectives, and methods from their individual professional backgrounds, which lie primarily in the areas of dramaturgy, scenography, light design, composition, play and object theater. For each project, they develop individual working strategies that gain their driving force from joint transdisciplinary experimentation, improvisation, jamming, and discussion, and are additionally fed by philosophy, literature, science, etc. As a team they work radically discursively and non-hierarchically, understanding all parameters of an artistic work as equal and in reciprocal influence. Conventional role attributions are consistently dissolved, merged and/or exchanged among each other.

Current joint works include the sound-based lecture-performance Staying Broken (with Neo Hülcker; Festival für immaterielle Kunst, Elbphilharmonie Hamburg 09/2020), the interactive online installation/performance Befriending Ghosts – Digital Hauntings (with Armen Avanessian, Neo Hülcker and AUЯA; Volksbühne Berlin digital, HAU4, digital stage of Hebbel am Ufer Berlin @ Performing Arts Festival Berlin 05/2021), the interactive music theater installation Loss of Signal (of course I still love you) (with Amélie Haller, Julia Mihály, Maria Marstal, Lydia Schmidl, Miguel Ángel García Martín, Felix Stachelhaus, Philipp Krebs and Maya Guttmann; MS Stubnitz Hamburg 08/2021, Next Level Festival for Games Essen 11/2021, BAM! Berliner Festival für aktuelles Musiktheater 04/2022), the interactive room/sound installation φeerroom (with Nathalie Schatz and many φriends; SPARK Festival für aktuelles Musiktheater Cologne 04/2022, 49h Stimme X Hamburg 05/2022), and Maria & Jakob’s interactive performance for two spectators, stories from futures past (bat-Studiotheater Berlin, HFBK Hamburg 07/2022). The group is an active member of the cultural-political initiative Netzwerk Freies Musiktheater, whose Cologne network meeting in November 2022 they opened with a spectacular lecture performance.

über mich.

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